TheBit Resource Manual

Navigating through the cryptocurrency resource ecosystem can be complicated and frustrating. A lot of companies make big promises, but don't deliver in functionality. Thanks to this guide, you'll get the best resources without the hassle of endless searching.

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Track your portfolio

Managing your cryptocurrency across different wallets and exchanges can quicky become a headache. Thankfully here are some trackers that will give you a quick view of how much you've made or lost.

Find A Crypto Job

Now that you've dedicated all your free time to crypto, why not let it take over your professional career as well? Developers, marketers, and business management are in demand here are some great job boards to choose from.

Price & News Aggregators

If you're looking to pull in information from several different sources into a sleek dashboard view, here are some ways to get started.


ICOs are all the buzz right now. Unfortunately all of the noise makes it difficult to sift through new projects in the space. These resources list the project and in some cases review the project's legitmacey.

Developer Tools

Getting started righting your first smart contract doesn't have to be overwhelming. Here some tools that make the process enjoyable

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