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School of Hard-Forks

Let the education bells ring


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A full fledged university cryptocurrency course is now available at the London School of Economics,an Australian University, and of course, Malta soon.


The Bigger Picture

The LSE has produced 36 world leaders, 18 Nobel Prize winners, and now one of the first prestigious crypto certifications: “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption.” The Australian university is solely researched focused where their course is more geared toward developing blockchain strategy. However, the University of Malta will take it up several notches in October this year when they introduce an entire blockchain degree.


It’s not a crash, just a plunge


The Bit

Bitcoin, along with other cryptocurrencies, took a big hit yesterday. However, the market cap for everything is still about $20 billion more than the low in June.


The Bigger Picture

The market cap total is just about $250 billion, which is right around the same value as when the market began the insane rise to $830 billion in late November. So, although the volatility seems pretty extreme, if you take a look at a longer time frame, the prices have been more stable than they were over the winter.


Who said cryptocurrencies aren’t functional


The Bit

BitGo’s entire business model is dedicated to streamlining the process of properly handling cryptocurrencies for the individual or business.


The Bigger Picture

Their most important customers are institutional investors who look to invest in more than just Bitcoin and Ethereum. Investing in many different options though can get complicated with storage, tax compliance, and the potential of air drop and hard forks. BitGo is constantly improving and just added support for 57 ERC-20 tokens and analyzes any coin they are going to handle, so you don’t have to do all the due diligence.


“The essence of LSE is really to try to understand complex societal phenomena and to try to get to the bottom of them. Our aim for the course is not to tell you how to invest – that’s not the LSE’s job.” – Head of LSA Crypto-Certification Dr. Sørensen

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