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Zcash is making good life choices


The Bit

After the 51% attack possibility, Zcash hashed out a fix by adding the former blockchain lead at JPMorgan to their advisory board.


The Bigger Picture

The fix comes by means of a successful hard fork and new set of upgrades. “Overwinter” introduces a method that allows the network to automatically cancel ZEC transactions that haven’t been added to a block within a predetermined period of 20 blocks (~50 minutes). Another feature is simply preparing the network to adapt to future hardforks with further improvements. The new board member, Amber Baldet (member of Forbes “40 under 40” and rocks purple hair) led the Quorum project for JPMorgan. After that she founded Clovyr, a startup to accelerate decentralized application development.


FBI: Ain’t nobody got time for crypto


The Bit

There are 130 on going cases related to cryptocurrency within the FBI, but this is just a small sliver of their activity.


The Bigger Picture

The remarks were made at a crypto-conference focused on a market structure called “Crypto Evolved,” hosted at the New York Athletic Club on Wednesday. The argument against cryptocurrency is often that it can be used to facilitate illegal transactions, but so can cash. And even so, how much is it really being used? Last year a global study found that just 10% of drug purchases are made using “non-traditional methods.” And beyond drug sales, the FBI’s cases involve ransomware attacks, and hopefully higher on the priority list – human trafficking and kidnapping.


Do you really need the Lambo though?


The Bit

CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong wants to change the public perception of lavish lifestyles associated with the early adopters of cryptocurrency.


The Bigger Picture

Imagine having bought a couple thousand USD of Bitcoin back in 2015 for $250…and now had a couple thousand whole Bitcoins. The new Coinbase platform looks to provide an outlet for this wealth, while helping those in need, but also bringing it full circle by engaging the technology itself in places where there is very little wealth. Armstrong was inspired by the Gates Foundation, and hopes to raise $10 million by the end of this year, and $1 billion in only two years.


“Being yourself is important. I would say sticking to your guns is important. Also, be confident that the lens you see the world through has its own personal value. Being different isn’t bad. We don’t need a million cookie-cutter people fixing the world’s problems.” – Amber Baldet

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