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Stanford opens blockchain center

I’m going to Stanford!…


The Bit

A group of computer scientists backed by some of the top blockchain projects have launched a Center for Blockchain Research at Stanford.


The Bigger Picture

The new center will address blockchain’s practical, legal and societal challenges, and develop a curriculum to facilitate its use across a variety of fields and applications. The initiative is dedicated to researching and understanding how people will change the process of executing contracts, completing financial transactions over the internet, and more. Moreover, the center will bring university scientists and industry leaders together to develop best practices and create courses to help future students develop financial instruments, protect intellectual property and manage vital records.


Eth-ccelerate my company


The Bit

ConsenSys is launching Tachyon, the first ethereum-focused accelerator program in San Francisco.


The Bigger Picture

Up to 15 projects will receive between $75,000 to $100,000 investments in addition to an 8 week educational program that aims to be a “reality check” for blockchain projects. Applications are open for three tracks – social impact, general ethereum, and open-source. This project would be mostly like every other tech funding project, except that they are pairing together at least two mentors – one from established crypto startups like MetaMask or ConsenSys and another from a traditional Silicon Valley “unicorn” company, like Google or Uber.


Frontier-ing mining


The Bit

The “Built For You” GPU miners by Frontier Mining are an easy way for non-technical people to be successful at mining.


The Bigger Picture

It’s interesting because they’re scalable mining model allows them to add miners without worrying about hosting, power and cooling issues related to the demanding GPU mining environment. You also receive full transparency into your cryptocurrency mining operation through the Frontier Mining Dashboard, which gives realtime information about the status of each miner and shows how much you’re projected to make at that moment.


“It’s product, it’s consulting, it’s education, and different capital market activities. Product is developer tools, infrastructure at the application layer… you’ve got core components like identity and other elements.” – Joseph Lubin

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