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EOS mainnet is LIVE

Fitbits coming to your whip


The Bit

VW is working with carVertical to integrate an on-board data tracking and diagnostics device to improve used car history reports, car insurance fees and vehicle safety.


The Bigger Picture

Going to the car shop will be a hell of a lot easier. carVertical’s device just won them a trip to Volkswagen’s Future Mobility Incubator in Dresden. The device provides data on acceleration, braking, and maintenance. This info is helpful for insurance providers and basically acts as a fitness tracker for the car. Collected data is also used to provide services and discounts that are most relevant to the driver, AND the carVertical OBD tracker works as a carVertical token miner. Sounds like a win-win-win-win.


People aren’t Googling “Bitcoin” as much. Uhh JOMO?


The Bit

Google searches for Bitcoin are down about the same percent as its price since early January, but does this really matter?


The Bigger Picture

Co-founder of Datatrek Research and Wall Street Bitcoin analyst, Nicholas Colas, says that Bitcoin “needs a new narrative in order to reestablish global attention”, but this is treating Bitcoin as if it were a business. It isn’t. Ethereum has dropped 70 percent since early 2018, Bitcoin Cash has lost 82 percent and XRP fell 87 percent. It seems pretty obvious that the rapid growth of late 2017 was completely unsustainable. A new example is that EOS searches have jumped 97 percent in 2018 as their mainnet is finally going live. Bitcoin’s narrative is beyond the hype.


EOS mainnet finally going live!


The Bit

EOS has taken an unusual path to launching their platform, but it’s hard to critique a blockchain project run by the same guy that started Bitshare and Steemit.


The Bigger Picture

EOS ran a year long ICO, providing tokens on the Ethereum network that then needed to be exchanged for the actual EOS tokens. Wait, what? Luckily the EOS developer community are lovely people that created a system to prevent ICO token holders from missing out on the real deal EOS. The company also put out a “bounty” for finding problems in their code with a reward of $10,000 per flaw. In just one day, a dutch hacker found eight bugs. EOS block producer Block.one then offered the guy a job. Talk about community… EOS will compete with Ethereum, but is run is a little different. Their “block producers” are rewarded tokens for validating transactions and maintaining the blockchain, but are constantly evaluated by the community and can be fired.


“I view violence as a shortcut to governance. So I made it my mission in life to find free market solutions to securing life, liberty, property and justice for all.” – Dan Larimer (creator of Bitshares, co-creator of Steemit and CTO of EOS)

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