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Billy Grenis


Billy Grenis is an emerging technology consultant and author of Billy Bitcoin

  • Consultant
  • Enthusiast
  • Steven Baum

    Friedman LLP

    Steven Baum is a Senior Manager at Friedman LLP

  • Fintech
  • Accountant
  • Steven McKie


    Raj Steven McKie is Founding Partner of Amentum nd Advisor for various Ethereum projects.

  • Advisor
  • Hedge Fund
  • Investor
  • Raj Sharma

    Health Wizz

    Raj Sharma is CEO and cofounder of Health Wizz, a platform storing medical records on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Founder
  • Healthcare
  • Pawel Kuskowski


    Pawel Kuskowski has been the Founder of Coinfirm since January 2016 and lives in Warsaw, Poland.

  • Business Intel
  • Founder
  • Christian Duffus


    Christian Duffus is the CEO of Vite.money, a new web-service that enables you to invest your spare change into a diversified portfolio of the top cryptocurrencies.

  • Fintech
  • Founder
  • Jon Creasy

    Accord Network

    Jon Creasy researches and applies the Buffett investment philosophy to cryptocurrency.

  • Cryptokitties
  • Investor
  • Daniel Jeffries


    Daniel Jeffries has worked in the tech and open source world for 20+ years, most of his day are spent trading, blogging, and consulting.

  • Author
  • Founder
  • Paul McNeal

    The Crypto Curator

    Paul McNeal is a Connector, Speaker, Brand Evangelist, and Technologist at The Sturgeon Group, LLC and owns The Crypto Curator.

  • Founder
  • Investor
  • Cameron Nelson

    NGO Xchange

    Cameron Nelson is a founder, ICO advisor, and community organizer in the blockchain space and Founder/CEO at NGO Xchange.

  • Founder
  • ICO Advisor
  • Lisa Cuesta

    NextGen Ventures

    Lisa Cuesta is currently a Principal at NextGen Ventures.

  • Investing
  • VC
  • Liam Glennon


    Liam Glennon is an investor, advisor, and maker in the blockchain space and the Head of Research at Alluminate.

  • Advisor
  • Investor
  • Maker